Explorations in Nonfiction

Essaying Is Questioning: A Jill and Jill Conversation

Jill Christman and Jill Talbot sit down for an interview about Christman’s new collection, If This Were Fiction: A Love Story in Essays. They talk structure, the significance of objects, speculation in essays, writing children, and more.

2022 Fourth Genre Prize Winners

Announcing the Winners of the 2022 Michael Steinberg Memorial Essay Prize and Multimedia Essay Prize We are thrilled to announce and give our congratulations to

Dash of Dash

A Dash of Dash: The Lyric Art of Punctuation With apologies to Noah Lukeman By Heidi Czerwiec Before evolving to mark syntax for you, silent

Drawing the Mall

Drawing the Mall By Brian Kearney Winner of the 2021 Fourth Genre Multimedia Essay Prize Here’s what our judge, Kristen Radke, had to say about it:


Submission Types General Submission Period We welcome a variety of works ranging from personal essays and memoirs to literary journalism and personal criticism. Submissions accepted

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