We’re thrilled to announce the results of the 2014 Fourth Genre Steinberg Essay Contest, for which memoirist and essayist Robert Root was judge.

The winning essay is Dave Zoby’s “My Brother Arrives in Kansas.”  Root chose Beth Richards’ “Fight” as the runner-up from among the many, many fine entries we received. Both will be published in Issue 17.1, due in print just in time for AWP in Minneapolis!

The  finalists were:

Carolyn Flynn, “Resurrection”
Gail Griffin, “From the Middle of Nowhere, or If You Lived Here You’d Like Meatloaf”
Mary Kudenov, “Threadbare”
Nick Neely, “The Book of Agate”
Anittah Patrick, “The Bees”
Kelley Shinn, “Airy Nothings”