We’re finally back with another installment of Fourth Genre: Off the Page. In this episode, you’ll hear the wonderful Matthew Gavin Frank, an accomplished poet and essayist whose work has appeared in numerous journals including Fourth Genre, Creative Nonfiction, The Iowa Review, and The New Republic, among many others. He is the author of several books of both poetry and prose, and his latest, Preparing the Ghost: An Essay Concerning the Giant Squid and Its First Photographer releases this July. Fourth Genre readers might remember the author best from his essay published in issue 14.2, “Silk, Allergies, Sisters, and Incompleteness.”

Frank and I discuss a multitude of topics in this episode, from beards to food to squids to explosions, with a little about writing peppered in.

Special thanks goes to Doug Mains & The City Folk, who kindly provided us our intro and outro music with their beautiful song “Theresa St. Johns” off the album The Mountain’s King.

Thank you for listening, and enjoy episode three!